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Ear surgery


How it is performed?

Your surgeon makes a vertical incision in the back of each ear so that the cartilage under the skin is exposed. The surgeon sculpts the cartilage and folds it toward the head to reduce its projection; then he sutures it with permanent stitches that hold it in position.


Reduces the projection of prominent ears and the size of large ears ...

 With some frequency, there is a congenital deformity that consists of having the ears very detached from the skull, which gives them an unsightly appearance. This deformity, called "looped ears", because of the similarity they have to the ears of a cup, causes severe psychological problems in children since they can be mocked by all their classmates when they start their school life. Plastic surgery has excellent techniques to correct this defect. The objective of the operation is to create the folds of a normal ear, the incisions are made behind the pinna and the aesthetic result is excellent.

Reduces the projection of prominent ears.

Reduce the size of large ears.

It allows at the same time to correct lobe problems such as ripped or stretched earring holes.

Corrects irregularities around the ear.

Increases the patient's self-esteem

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