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Facial Fillers


Hialuronic Acid

What is hyaluronic acid for?

In aesthetic medicine, it is widely used for wrinkle fillers since it creates a structure under the skin, which gives volume and a natural feeling in facial expressions. This is because one of its most significant properties is the water collection, which is injected under the skin, it is capable of creating a protective structure that, in addition to providing deep wrinkle removal, attracts molecules of water and moisturizes the skin.  

Given its high rejuvenating power and moisturizing effect, it is recommended for aged and damaged skin. Also, its use is widespread in the practice of lip augmentation, wrinkle removal, and erasure of dark circles. Depending on the type of treatment and the benefits sought, it is used in its cross-linked or non-cross-linked form.

Transferencia de grasa facial

Fat injections are a procedure in which fat is extracted from an area of ​​the patient's body and transferred (injected) to the area or areas where it is needed. 

For many years, fat removal has been the main objective of many people with an extensive industry around that goal. Why relocate the fat that has been removed? The answer is simple. Strategically relocating a person's excess fat can improve their appearance in a very significant way.

During the natural aging process, the fatty tissues that once had a rounded and youthful appearance can begin to break, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. Fat injections in these areas can help improve that condition without the need for the recovery period associated with the most invasive surgical procedures.

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