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Dr. Xavier Shanchez García is a Plastic. Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon Certified by various Institutions.

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Liposucción en CDMX

Liposuction in Mexico City  Best Plastic Surgeon

Liposucción CDMX

Lipossucción CDMX


Liposuction is a surgery indicated when we want the accumulations of fat to disappear in the areas of the body where they persist despite dieting and exercising. Liposuction surgery is the option to get rid of these fatty deposits in areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, face, ankles, legs, arms; etc.


Liposuction works very well for both men and women. After liposuction, you may be able to lose weight with the reduction of waist and abdomen, which will depend on the area treated. You will obtain a better figure with which you will surely obtain higher self-esteem. The tiny scars become imperceptible in no time.

My surgery was on April 17th. After visiting 6 surgeons; I chose to choose Dr. Xavier because of his certifications, his professionalism because he was practicing as a surgeon in Canada for 5 years, and because of all the success stories he showed me. But above all for his humane treatment, his patience, and kindness. After the surgery, I can say that everything was excellent, as were the results.
I am happy with the surgery that Dr. Xavier Sánchez performed on me 8 days ago. Which was liposuction and butt and it was a great success, I feel different, I am another woman and at my age, having dropped 2 sizes is more than God and my great Dr. Sánchez could do for me. NOW IF I GO WITH EVERYTHING. Thank you very much and congratulations Dr. Sánchez. Thanks to you I am a new woman !!
I am super grateful to Dr. Xavier Sánchez, he is a great doctor, professional and a wonderful person, he performed liposuction that changed my life, now I feel different, besides that the recovery was fast and with great results, I am already thinking about my next surgery and with all confidence, I will go to Dr. Xavier. I want to thank you Doctor for all your attention. Light

Liposuction FAQs

Liposuction surgery lasts 1 to 2 hours

Local anesthesia with general sedation or epidural block

Outpatient surgery (may require a maximum of 1 day of hospitalization)

Temporarily causes swelling, numbness, and bruising

Pain: Your surgeon will indicate the medications and care you require to be comfortable.

• To achieve a correct evolution, you must use a special girdle on the operated areas, for two or three weeks

Liposuction Recovery

Wounds take 3-4 days to heal.

Bruising is likely to last up to 10 days and may move down the body before disappearing.

During the first two or three weeks, the inflammation is likely not to decrease, or to decrease unevenly, giving the impression of asymmetries. Be patient.

Multiple scars no more than 3mm in length. In a short time, they become very difficult to see if we do not know where they are.
Liposuction Results
Remember that preserving the figure obtained through liposuction depends exclusively on you.

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