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Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery, or breast lift, is a procedure that elevates sagging breasts and improves their shape. Thus helping to improve your self-esteem and recovering your natural beauty..

Lifting de senos

Breast surgery anesthesia

Breast lift surgery requires local anesthesia with supplemental sedation or general anesthesia.

Results of breast Pexia surgery

Although the result of a breast lift is not definitive, it is very long-lasting. Your breasts will look rejuvenated and look better for a long time. Despite the resulting scar, in the bottom line, most patients consider that the benefits obtained are very important and that there are many more advantages than disadvantages.

The pain level in breast lift surgery

The pain level is low to moderate. Your surgeon will indicate the post-surgical care to help you in your recovery.


Depending on the amount of correction needed, the resulting scars can be the following:

- A circle around the areola (also known as periareolar).
- A circle around the areola, and a vertical line below it (also known as a lollipop). The circular part of the scar is the one that is most concealed since it blends in with the contour of the areola. The complete healing process can last between 6 and 9 months, in which the scars turn from red to pink, and then to an almost imperceptible white.

Duration of breast lift surgery

Surgery to lift the breasts requires 1 to 3 hours in the operating room. Depending on the complexity of the case.

Bandages on a breast lift

To achieve a correct evolution, you must use a special girdle over the operated area. Your surgeon will indicate the time required and the proper way of placement. Also, a couple of drains, to conduct excess fluids from the wound to an airtight plastic bottle. Which serves to avoid bruising.

Stitches removal

The stitches of a breast lift surgery should be removed 7 to 10 days after the intervention.


You will need to rest for 48 hours. You will likely have a burning sensation for the first few days, and discomfort when raising your arms. From the fourth day, you can gradually resume social life and work, as long as you do not lift heavy objects. The surgeon will indicate the appropriate type of bra. After 30 days you will be able to return to sports activities. Discuss all your doubts with your Certified Plastic Surgeon during the assessment consultation.

Tips before a breast lift

  • Ask the surgeon all the questions to eliminate doubts before surgery. Write your questions in a notebook before the consultation, so you don't forget them.
  • It is very important not to smoke 4 weeks before surgery.
  • If you know that you are prone to keloid scars, tell your surgeon, as the application of silicone gel helps to avoid hypertrophic scars.
  • Have comfortable, roomy clothing on hand with zippers or front buttons for ease of bandaging.
  • Buy the medicines your doctor prescribed, so you don't have to deal with that after surgery.
  • Buy wet towels. They are useful when we cannot bathe.

How is breast lift surgery performed?

If the necessary correction is small, it is sufficient to make a circular incision around each of the areolas. Even if the areola is too large, the incision can be made within the limits of it to be able to remove the part of its surface that is closest to the contour.
Then another circular incision is made in each breast around the first, which can be concentric or be slightly displaced upwards when it is desired to raise the position of the respective areola and the nipple.
The "ring" of skin that forms between the two circular incisions is removed and the resulting edges are sutured together. In major corrections, it is necessary to supplement the peri-areolar (circular) incisions with a vertical incision just below each of them.

All inclusive package

Our package includes the payment of your sugery, operating room, consultations and pre and post-surgical controls and medical fees.

Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Xavier Shanchez García is a Plastic. Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon Certified by various Institutions.

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The facilities where we perform your surgery guarantee 100% you safety under any circunstance
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