Dr. Xavier Sanchez
Certified Plastic Surgeon
Tels: 55685056 / 55685060
Doubts and attention
Ángeles del Pedregal Hospital
Office 625-C

Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetic and Reconstructive

Dr. Xavier Sánchez García
Dr. Xavier Sánchez García, Certified Plastic Surgeon in CDMX, gives you safe and effective surgical treatments and non-surgical treatments, both facial and body. One of the great strengths of our surgeon is that it focuses on the relationship established with each patient by helping them understand the procedure to follow in each particular case, with excellence and professionalism, without neglecting the importance of human meaning.



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Body Surgery in Mexico City
Reconstructive Surgery in Mexico City
Facial Surgery in Mexico City
Tratamientos de rejuvenecimiento facial sin cirugía
Hospital Ángeles del pedregal, Torre Ángeles, Office 625-C

Road to Santa Teresa #1055, Col. Héroes de Padierna. C.P. 10700, Magdalena Conteras, CDMX
Tels: 55685056 and 55685060
Office 625-C


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